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1. What are the conditions on direct booking?
To request a reservation through direct booking, please fill out the simple booking form, which appears after you press the green Book button on the hotel details page. You may request a quote on discounted airport transfer. After you submit the form, you will have the additional option of requesting a quote on car rentals during your stay and guided tours. 1

Your reservation request made through our reservation form is sent directly for processing to the hotel reception or apartment operator. For more information on prices, please see our Prices FAQ and our Best Web Price Guarantee.

The hotel or apartment operator will contact you directly by e-mail (or in some cases by telephone) with a reservation offer stating the exact conditions. In either case, the price offered is set directly by the hotel or apartment owner and does not carry any surcharges.

Once you correctly submit the booking form, your reservation is assigned a unique five-digit reservation code. Please take note of this code and use it in all correspondence with us and the hotels.

Some hotels require a credit card guarantee, especially during busy tourist seasons, congresses or events. Some self-catering apartments require partial pre-payment to guarantee reservation. If known, please specify airline/train number in comments section of the booking form.

If required, you may submit credit card information to selected partners through our booking form. Otherwise please submit the credit card information directly to the hotel or partner agency by fax or telephone. Please do not send your credit card information through unsecured e-mail.

Some request are confirmed immediately and automatically. Your accommodation reservation is NOT confirmed until you reply to the offer from the hotel, apartment owner or partner agency, providing all required information and confirming the details of your stay, prices and any special requirements.

2. How long does it take hotels and apartment owners to respond?
Some facilities are confirmed immediately.

Where the reservation is on request all hotels and other partners listed on our site are contractually bound to respond within 24 hours on working days. Most respond much earlier. Sometimes e-mail responses may be lost or delayed due to spam filtering - please let us know if you are booking at the last minute and/or your response is late. We remove hotels or partners that do not meet these conditions to guarantee the best customer service possible.

If within 24 hours of your request on a working day you do not receive an e-mail reply confirming availability, you can contact the hotel or apartment operator at the e-mail address or telephone number, which you are provided by e-mail after completing the booking request (make sure to quote your unique five-digit reservation ID in all communications).

3. How long before arrival can reservations be made?
Reservations can usually not be made less than 24 hours before the date of your arrival. For last minute reservations, please select one of the hotels with immediate on-line booking (credit card required) or contact us by e-mail. This way you can be sure that your reservation will be processed in time and without any problems.

4. Can I get direct e-mail address and telephone numbers from hotels?
Once you make your e-mail booking request through our form, we immediately provide you with a contact e-mail and telephone number either for the hotel, apartment owner or for the partner agency taking care of your booking. We also send it automatically to your e-mail address provided in the booking request.

If you require the phone number immediately to contact a guest at the hotel or make a last minute reservation, please contact us by e-mail at any time. Using our booking form always gives you the same or lower price as what the hotel reception or apartment owner charges directly.



Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

We hope the below cover the main things you need. If not, send us an email. Contact deatils can be found on the Contact Us page of this web site.

Who can I contact in case of a problem?

The best person to speak to or email is us.....the local booking office in the destination where you are travelling. Our name, address and telephone number, plus email, can be found on the Contact Us page of this web site. If this doesn\'t work or if you\'d prefer to deal with somebody on the WHL team, you can call one of the regional offices listed on the Contact Us page of the WHL global web site (www.whl.travel), or you can email them at info(at)worldhotel-link.com.

Why is the payment process different on the different destination sites in the WHL network?

The reason is that in each destination WHL allow the local owner / operator of the site to select from a range of payment options they provide. We need this flexibility to accommodate the demands of the local accommodation industry. Even within one destination it is not uncommon to have different hotels or transport companies each with their own needs and demands for payment.

Sometimes when I book I get instant confirmation, whereas other times I get a message that your office will confirm within 24 hours. Why is this?

When the accommodation provider or tour provider has given us inventory (i.e. when they have assigned us empty rooms or tour places for us to sell in advance) we store this in our database and when a request comes in from the traveller we can give instant confirmation. If we don\'t have this inventory in our database we need to call the hotel or tour company telling them we have your inquiry and checking to see if they have a room or tour place free. This is where it takes a little time - up to 24 hours - to respond.

Because WHL is doing a lot of work in the developing world and in places off the beaten track, getting inventory and keeping this up to date is very difficult. Some accommodation providers in remote destinations don\'t even have a telephone so our local office staff have to bicycle to the premises to get bookings confirmed. We apologise for this but there is not a lot we can do in some cases to speed this up. One thing\'s for sure: if WHL can\'t secure a booking for you in the destination, nobody can.

Am I actually booking with WHL or with you, the local partner?

You are booking with us, the local partner. WHL provides the platform we all use and provides marketing and other management support to the local partners. WHL is not however involved in the booking transactions on this site and any questions about bookings should be directed to us. In the event you do not get a response from us or are not happy with the response you get please feel free to contact WHL at feedback(at)whl.travel.