Brazil Weather/Climate

Brazil's vast size means that the climate varies quite substantially, depending upon the region. The interior of the country ranges from arid scrubland to the impenetrable tropical jungle of the Amazon. Tropical coastal beaches are located in the east of the country.

The south of Brazil has a much more temperate climate. January to April is the rainy season in the north, whereas it is in April to July in the northeast and from November to March in the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo area.

Brasilia's weather forecast is given below.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Oct 19
Hi:  34°C
Lo:  20°C
Oct 20
Hi:  33°C
Lo:  22°C
Oct 21
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  21°C
Oct 22
Hi:  27°C
Lo:  19°C
Oct 23
Hi:  25°C
Lo:  19°C
Oct 24
Hi:  20°C
Lo:  18°C